Principles of Object-Oriented Software Development

second edition: cover / reviews

Anton Eliëns

Addison-Wesley (2000), ISBN 0-201-39856-7

the second edition has been translated in russian and chinese

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"Reading through this book-and working with it to enhance our understanding-is a pleasure."

From the Foreword to the Second Edition by Clemens Syzperski, Microsoft

"This book is an important contribution to object-oriented literature, bridging the gap between the language and the software engineering communities. [It] covers an usually broad range of topics in an eminently readable fashion and is unique in its balance between theory and practice and its multifaceted approach."

From the Foreword to the First Edition by Peter Wegner, Brown University

Object-oriented (OO) techniques have come to dominate software engineering in recent years. This book presents both the benefits and the pitfalls of OO technology across every stage of the software development cycle, from analysis and design through to programming. It is a systematic attempt to link underlying OO principles with software engineering practice.

The material is organized around 'slides', each one of which captures an important notion or concept that is explained or commented on in the accompanying text.

Features of the book include:

About the author:

Anton Eliens is lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. He also works as a researcher at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science. His research interests include hypermedia systems, distributed logic programming, object-oriented software engineering, and multimedia information retrieval.

About the CD-ROM

The entire book, including the software from the examples is available electronically on the accompanying CD-ROM. The electronic version also contains links to other material on the Internet. By accessing the electronic version in 'slide mode' it can be easily presented in a classroom environment. Powerpoint versions of the 'slides' are also available.