slogan(s) -- 12 point(s) / creative technology

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  • 3. can analyze complex requirement contexts by making abstract descriptions following mathematical principles.
  • 4. can implement key prototypes to try out ideas based on the latest tools and technologies;
  • 5. recognizes and understands technological trends at such a level that a critical evaluation of scenarios for future applications and developments can be made;
  • human factors

  • 6. is able to identify societal problems and human needs that can be solved with state of the art technology in the digital realm;
  • 7. can solve problems in a creative way, taking into account all complexities, requirements and interdependencies of the application areas and stakeholders;
  • design

  • 8. possesses skills to design attractive solutions, where both aesthetics and function are combined;
  • 9. understands user acceptance and success criteria in a multi-cultural and globalized world;
  • 10. has communicative skills and psychological knowledge, indispensable for dealing robustly and successfully with stakeholders and people benefitting from the new systems and services;
  • business

  • 11. can place the new applications in a business context, developing business plans, executing market research and translating innovations into profitable opportunities;
  • 12. can assume a bridging role in a variety of multi-disciplinary teams, thereby translating and communicating requirements and knowledge from different fields of specialization.