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Knowledge, skills and competences of the Creative Technology students

authors: BG, AM, JvA
comment(s): AE

Qua scope OK, as far as I am concerned, although I have some comments on how it is formulated. Also, I think it should be more clear, where the goals of CT are different from the respective goals of the constitutive sub-disciplines.

The multidisciplinary Creative Technology education will endow students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences needed to work on the discovery and development of innovative applications in the field of New Media and Smart Technology, that support the entire spectrum of human needs.

The phrase that support the entire spectrum of human needs. seems to be a bit overtaken!

Particularly, after having passed the Bachelor exam successfully the student: 1. knows the relevant electronic and computing technologies to be used, concerning both principles and functionality;

I would emphasize skills instead of knowledge here.

2. can analyse complex requirement contexts by making abstract descriptions

I would rather say can find creative solutions based on empathy and onderstanding.

3. can implement key prototypes to try out ideas based on the latest, high-level tools and technologies;

omit high-level

4. recognizes and understands technological trends at such a level that a critical evaluation of scenarios for future applications and developments can be made;


5. is able to identify societal problems and human needs that can be solved with state of the art technology in the ICT domain;

why only in the ICT domain. Omit that! That should be implied by context.

6. can solve problems in a creative way, taking into account all complexities, requirements and interdependencies of the application areas;

Add: and stakeholders.

7. possesses skills to design attractive solutions, where both aesthetics and function are concerned, leaving space for the artistic;

change concerned in combined, and leave out leaving space for the artistic;.

8. understands user acceptance and success criteria in a multi-cultural and globalised world;

Can find nothing againts that!

9. has communicative skills and psychological knowledge, indispensable for dealing with people who would benefit from the new systems and services;

OK, but I think the group of stakeholders might be larger than the group of people who would benefit.

10. can place the new applications in a business context;

that is rather vague. Does that include writing a business and/or communication plan?

11. can assume a bridging role in a variety of multi-disciplinary teams, thereby translating and communicating requirements and knowledge from different fields of specialisation.

Again, I woild like to see this coupled to more specific scenarions.

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