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A. Eliëns, 11/11/2007

report 2006

Time never stands still. After observing that times flies like an arrow in my report 2005, there have been many developments. First of all, I am happy to observe that most of the planned publications have been realized, as listed below, and that apart from the uncertainty about multimedia @ VU, which led to a number of discussions with the management, the future does not look so bad.


The overall direction of research as outlined in research plan 2006 which is oriented towards the application of game technology in various application domains seems to be fruitful, not in the least due to interest of parties within the VU, albeit outside of FEW:
The climate game project is done in cooperation with the Climate Centre to prepare a submission for the Academische Jaarprijs. The Second Life project is done in cooperation with among others Frans Feldberg from FEWEB, and has resulted in a provisional funding of 10.000 euro from the CvB to further explore this initiative in the context of the planned Media Institute. The 1st of march, the opening of VU @ Scond Life was reported on the (national) RTL news television broadcast, and (locally) in Amsterdam covered by AT5 and CampusTV.. Several newspapers, among which Telgraaf and Parool, also reported on this.

multimedia @ VU

The discussions in the fall 2006, based on my report in gesprek -- achtergronden van een conflict have led to the conclusion that the activities multimedia are irreconcilable with the research agenda of IMSE. A transfer to the BI group, in particular the group of Guus Schreiber, is in preparation. To maintain a high technical level, I am updating the course Intelligent Multimedia Technology, with the help of Zeljko Obrenovic (CWI)

Further I will strive to contribute to the integration of multimedia and game development courses in the various curricula, in principle also on the level of management and curriculum organisation.

In my vision the curriculum could benefit from more attention to game development, in various ways, for both information science and computer science students, as well as, for that matter, students artificial intelligents.

Personally, I will strive for sufficient visibility of our research in this area for the international scientific community.

publications 2006

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