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for the background see introduction multimedia 2008,
for the learning goals, see proposal(s),
and look at outline(s) for how these goals are realized.

track(s) -- interactive multimedia

learning goal(s)

meeting(s) -- weekly

material(s) -- online

inspiration(s) -- video(s)

  • campaign(s) -- what political campaigns can teach business
  • politic(s) -- privacy matters
  • rip(s) -- a remix manifesto
  • idea(s) -- change the world through game design
  • tube(s) -- an anthropological introduction to YouTube
  • clip(s) -- submit your clip

  • theory -- media & communication

    challenge(s) -- narrative(s) & game(s)


    Lisa Larson and Renee Costantini (2008), Flash Video for Professionals: Expert Techniques for Integrating Video on the Web, Sybex

    theme(s): identity -- who are you & what do you want?

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    presentions(s): clip(s) -- final production(s) / roundup(s)

    manifesto(s) / choice(s) / / theme(s) / 2 minute(s) max / nominated & selected groups / _ / .

    / clip(s) / display(s) / project(s) / player(s) / vision(s) / Æ


    assignment(s) -- description(s)

    1. week 1: determination concept -- title, synopsis, plan van aanpak
    2. week 2:
      • detailed scenario(s) -- max 3 pages, with timeline
      • story graph(s) (in PDF) -- max 2 pages, with title & brief explanation
    3. week 3:
      • asset(s) -- schetches, photo material, (links to) clips
      • storyboard(s) -- scenario(s) illustrated with asset(s)
      • technical realisation -- keep a record of the work done
    4. week 4: (*) roundup (viral) clip on youtube max length 2 min (with link in portfolio!)
    5. week 4 -- oplevering: (**)
      • interactive video application -- final production (playable and as .zip)
      • justification/essay (two to six pages)
      • review(s) -- using online review form
    6. checklist online: storygraph.pdf, (link to) viral clip (on youtube), finalapplication.zip, (individual) essay(s).pdf

    begeleiding _ -- groepen


    In overleg met de begeleider(s).


    De begeleiding is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van de presentaties. De groepen worden zelf geacht te zorgen dat de presentaties voldoen aan algemene normen van smaak en fatsoen, dan wel duidelijk aan te geven voor wie en op welke wijze het materiaal aanstoot kan geven.


       amsterdam        media          society                 
         urban     pleasure(s) / dangers          
            vrije universiteit    social network(s)        
       life is a game      studeren     connect


    eXtensible Media Player for Entertainment and Learning,

    short clip or trailer

    Based on the indicated topic(s), you must develop a short (viral) clip or trailer that promotes the concept of your game or interactive video.

    The presentation(s) must be entertaining, not to say compelling. It may be usefull to see the final clip as the top-level video for the interactive video application. The viewer must be able to enjoy this without any interaction. The interactive video application may, on the other hand, demand more effort from the user, and must provide either information or challenge(s), possibly including elements of game play.


    1. determine concept(s) -- message, perspective and contents
    2. scenario(s) -- storyboard, with scenes and transitions
    3. story or interaction graph(s) -- for interactive video application
    4. asset(s) -- selection of images, clips and audio
    5. mini game(s) -- (optional) extension of story graph(s)
    6. technical realisation -- elaboration of scenes and (visual) effects
    7. final production -- (web) deployment, and packaging (zip)
    8. justification -- description, with explanation of design choices


  • week 4: (viral) clip in wmv, mp4 or flv format, max length 2 min.
  • week 4: interactive video application -- final production online, with link to zip
  • week 4: justification/essay (min 2 pages, up to ten pages)
  • week 4: review(s) -- using online review form

  • peer review(s)

    Developing an interactive media application requires good judgement, as well as an open mind to alternative approaches. To train your critical faculty, each student must (peer) review the work of all other groups, as well as give a brief self assessment, using the online review form.

    Regulations of how to make such an assignment should always be regarded with some suspicion. After all, what counts most in the end is the final product. Requirements, however well written, can not compensate for a product or presentation that is boring, lacking in inspiration or what is commonly called creative spark(s). In other words, try to follow these rules, but take them as supporting your creative process, and not as a constraint. Let yourself be inspired by what a famous artist of the previous century called the rethorics of the material.

    support(s): XIMPEL -- interactive video

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    theme(s): identity -- who are you & what do you want?

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