Intelligent Multimedia Technology -- was MMA2
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The course IMT will no longer be given. This is the original material for the IMT course. It is made available for self study, but may contain material that is outdated.

A. Eliens

syllabus: imt.pdf (224 pgs)

Material developed by:

Dr. Zhisheng Huang

Supervision self-study

Dr. A. Eliens

DLP developer:
Cees Visser (DLP technical support)


By the end of the course students will have been introduced to the ideas of intelligent multimedia technology, and will have a working knowledge of distributed logic programming language (DLP), especially a knowledge on the development and implementation of intelligent avatars for virtual environments.


Essential: Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).


The main focus will be on the practical work of the students. They will have to make a number of assignments and give a presentation after the course.

Course structure

1 Introduction -- principles and applications of distributed logic programming language for virtual environments. Concepts: avatar, intelligent avatar, agent, web agent, logic programming, distributed logic programming

2 DLP for virtual environments I-- VRML EAI, DLP and its EAI libraries.

3 DLP for virtual environments II -- multiple thread controls, cognitive models of intelligent avatars.

4. Avatar Design and Control -- H-anim specification for a standard humanoid, Using DLP to control the gestures of avatars, STEP: a scripting language for embodied agents.

5. Virtual communities -- VRML-based virtual communities, DLP for virtual communities.


Zhisheng Huang, Anton Eliens, and Cees Visser, Distributed Logic Programming for Virtual Environments, Vrije University Amsterdam, 2004.

Registered Students (voorjaar 2006)

Assistance by Winoe Bhikharie
Bestebreurtje, 1)
Boer, 2)
Broekhof, 7)
Burger, 1)
van der Ende, 5)
Hoeksema, 3)
Assistance by Erik Kruithof
Moel, 4)
Stomp, 8)
Ullersma, 5)
Vijlbrief, 3)
Visser, 4)
Weel, 3)
Yin, 7)
Wouters, 2)
Zulkarnain, 8)
Bouterse, 6)