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basic-javascript-appendix-7-online-books.htm / htm

  <TITLE>Online Books</TITLE>
  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  var detailsWindow;
  var basketWindow;
  var stockItems = new Array();
  stockItems[100] = new Array();
  stockItems[100][0] = "Beginning Active Server Pages";
  stockItems[100][1] = "$39.99";
  stockItems[100][2] = 0;
  stockItems[101] = new Array();
  stockItems[101][0] = "Professonal JavaScript";
  stockItems[101][1] = "$46.99";
  stockItems[101][2] = 0;
  function removeItem(stockId)
     stockItems[stockId][2] = 0;
     alert("Item Removed");
     return false;
  function showDetails(bookURL)
     detailsWindow =,"bookDetails","width=400,height=500");
     return false;
  function addBookToBasket(stockId)
     stockItems[stockId][2] = 1;
     alert("Item added successfully");
  function showBasket()
     basketWindow ='ShoppingBasket.htm','shoppingBasket','width=400,height=350');;
     var basketItem;
     var containsItems = false;
     basketWindow.document.write("<H4>Your shopping basket contains :</H4>");
     for (basketItem in stockItems)
        if (stockItems[basketItem][2] > 0)
           basketWindow.document.write(stockItems[basketItem][0] + " at ");
           basketWindow.document.write("<A href='' onclick='return " + "window.opener.removeItem(" + basketItem + ")'>");
           basketWindow.document.write("Remove Item</A><BR>");
           containsItems = true;
     if (containsItems == false)
        basketWindow.document.write("<H4>No items</H4>");
  <H2 ALIGN=center>Online Book Buyer</H2>
  <FORM NAME=form1>
  <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Show Shopping Basket" onclick="showBasket()" NAME=butShowBasket>
  Click any of the images below for more details
  <STRONG>Beginning Active Server Pages 3</STRONG>
  <A NAME="begASPLink" HREF="" onclick="return showDetails('beg_asp3_details.htm')">
  <IMG SRC="beg_asp3.gif" BORDER=0>
  <STRONG>Professional JavaScript</STRONG>
  <A NAME="profJSLink" HREF="" onclick="return showDetails('prof_js_details.htm')">
  <IMG SRC="prof_js.gif" border=0>

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