media equation(s) 1/4

We regularly exploit the media equation for enjoyment by the willing suspension of our critical faculties. Theatre is the projection of a story through the window of a stage, and typically the audience gets immersed in the story as if it was real.

multimedia equation(s) 2/4

multimedia = presentation + context

multimedia equation(s) 3/4


multimedia equation(s) 4/4

perfect solutions

Much more than the art of turning base metals into gold, alchemy is a system of cosmic symbolism. The alchemist learns how to create within a sealed vessel a Model of the Universe in which the opposing complementary forces of Male and Female, Earth and Air, Fire and Water attain the perfect synthesis of which gold is the emblem.

multimedia engineering

"engineering is the art of moulding materials we do not wholly understand ... in such a way that the community at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance."

multimedia courses

virtual reality interfaces for multimedia information systems


  1. designed for involving local application (as an anesthetic),
  2. relating to, or arranged by, topics,
  3. referring to the topics of the day or place.