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Buttons are game elements, which players can use to activate events or actions in the game world.

Example: in the early first-person computer roleplaying game Dungeon Master the buttons and levers on the walls are used to open doors, walls, and sections of the floor.

Using the pattern

Buttons can be sticky, i. e. they stay pressed allowing the players to know if the Button is activated or not. If the Button can be pressed again to inactivate it, this can be used to create Reversability, while those that cannot be changed back enforce Irreversible Actions. Buttons, which are not sticky, can cycle through a series of states, for example, pressing a button repeatedly can let a player decide which of the three doors are open.


Buttons are simple Controllers that allow for a limited range of actions. Their use is trivial to understand, although the effect of activating a Button may be complex and have long-term consequences.


Instantiates: Controllers


Instantiated by:

Modulated by: Reversability, Irreversible Actions

Potentially conflicting with: