Resource Locations

Resource Locations

Resource Locations are the locations where resources are found in the game world.

Nearly all games with a game world use Resource Locations in one form or another. These are locations that are known to have resources, although this may vary over gameplay as resources are used or new resources appear.

Example: all the places where the pills are located in Pac-Man levels. The more special Resource Locations are where the power pills are placed and also the location where the bonus items appear.

Example: the places where trees, bushes, and mines are located in Age of Empires are Resource Locations for the basic resources of the game.

Using the pattern

Resource Locations are required for all Resources that are not purely abstract. The nature of the Resources, together with the Consistent Reality Logic of the game, usually limits the possible Resource Locations for a given Resource. For example, normal burning torches are not found under water nor do ammunition boxes usually lie around in public places.

Resources that are not represented by game elements can still be collected from Resource Locations, typically represented by Chargers.

Resource Locations are usually marked by Traces and Outstanding Features to help the players identify the exact spot where the Resources can be found or will appear. The location of the Resources can be used to guide the players towards certain areas in the game, functioning as Traces, or lure players into Deadly Traps. Similarly, letting players identify Resource Locations within Inaccessible Areas provides them with Gain Ownership goals.

For Resources that are introduced during the gameplay, i. e. Renewable Resources, the Resource Location can either be determined by Randomness (or Randomness can be used to select one of several Resource Locations), or by placing them in such way that they have a Balancing Effect. Controllers define more permanent Resource Locations, since they very seldom can be moved, although they may be destroyed.


Resource Locations typically are Strategic Locations, their value depending on the value of the resource and the ease with which the location can be reached. By placing some Resource Locations at places difficult to get to and some at places easy to get to, it is possible to steer the unfolding of the gameplay.


Instantiates: Strategic Locations

Modulates: Inaccessible Areas, Gain Ownership

Instantiated by: Pick-Ups, Chargers, Controllers

Modulated by: Outstanding Features, Traces

Potentially conflicting with: