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basic-javascript-02-Quiz-trivia-quiz.htm / htm

  <title>Wrox Online Trivia Quiz</title>
  <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  // questions and answers arrays will holds questions and answers
  var questions = new Array();
  var answers = new Array();
  // define question 1 
  questions[0] = new Array();
  // the question
  questions[0][0] = "The Beatles were";
  // first choice
  questions[0][1] = "A sixties rock group from Liverpool";
  // second choice
  questions[0][2] = "Four musically gifted insects";
  // third choice
  questions[0][3] = "German cars";
  // fourth choice
  questions[0][4] = "I don't know. Can I have the questions on Baseball please?";
  // assign answer for question 1
  answers[0] = "A";
  // define question 2
  questions[1] = new Array();
  questions[1][0] = "Homer Simpson's favorite food is";
  questions[1][1] = "Fresh salad";
  questions[1][2] = "Doughnuts";
  questions[1][3] = "Bread and water";
  questions[1][4] = "Apples";
  // assign answer for question 2
  answers[1] = "B";
  // define question 3
  questions[2] = new Array();
  questions[2][0] = "Lisa Simpson plays which musical instrument?";
  questions[2][1] = "Clarinet";
  questions[2][2] = "Oboe";
  questions[2][3] = "Saxophone";
  questions[2][4] = "Tubular bells"; 
  // assign answer for question 3 
  answers[2] = "C";
  alert("Array Initialized");

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