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basic-javascript-07-frameset-page.htm / htm

  <title>The Unchanging frameset page</title>
  <script Language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  var pagesVisited = new Array();
  function returnPagesVisited()
  var returnValue = "So far you have visited the following pages\n";
  var pageVisitedIndex;
  var numberOfPagesVisited = pagesVisited.length;
  for (pageVisitedIndex = 0; pageVisitedIndex < numberOfPagesVisited;
  returnValue = returnValue + pagesVisited[pageVisitedIndex] + "\n";
  return returnValue;
  function addPage(fileName)
  var fileNameStart = fileName.lastIndexOf("/") + 1;
  fileName = fileName.substr (fileNameStart);
  pagesVisited[pagesVisited.length] = fileName;
  return true;
  <frameset cols="50%,*">
  <frame name=fraLeft src="page_a.htm">
  <frame name=fraRight src="page_b.htm">

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