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basic-javascript-07-menu-page.htm / htm

  <script language="JavaScript"  type="text/javascript">
  function choosePage_onchange() 
     var choosePage = document.form1.choosePage;
     var windowobject;
     if (document.form1.radFrame[0].checked == true)
        windowobject = window.parent.fraMain.fraTop;
        windowobject = window.parent.fraMain.fraBottom;
     windowobject.location.href =
     return true;
  <form name=form1>
  Select frame<br>
  Top <input name="radFrame" checked type=radio>
  Bottom <input name="radFrame" type=radio>
  <select name=choosePage language="JavaScript"  type="text/javascript" onchange="choosePage_onchange()">
     <option value=page_a.htm>Page A
     <option value=page_b.htm>Page B
     <option value=page_c.htm>Page C
     <option value=page_d.htm>Page D

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