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  <TITLE>Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0</TITLE>
  <STRONG>Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0</STRONG>
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  <P>ASP 3.0 is the most recent version of ASP, and is released with version 5.0 
  of Microsoft's <B>Internet Information Server</B> (IIS 5.0) web server, with 
  <B>Windows 2000</B>. It is also ported for use on UNIX. 
  <P>ASP is an easy way to control content - giving us the 
  flexibility to handle complex professional commercial sites. If you want to 
  program a web page, pure HTML is fine, however this book shows how to add 
  dynamism to web site generation and will utilize components, objects and 
  Databases to achieve that.

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