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basic-javascript-appendix-9-ch09-q2.htm / htm

  var days = new Array();
  days[0] = "Sunday";
  days[1] = "Monday";
  days[2] = "Tuesday";
  days[3] = "Wednesday";
  days[4] = "Thursday";
  days[5] = "Friday";
  days[6] = "Saturday";
  function dayOfWeek()
     var form = document.form1;
     var date = parseInt(form.txtDate.value)
     var year = parseInt(form.txtYear.value)
     if (isNaN(date) || isNaN(year))
        alert("Please enter a valid whole number");
        if (date < 1 || date > 31)
           alert("Day of the month must be between 1 and 31");
           userDate = date + " ";
           userDate = userDate + form.selMonth.options[form.selMonth.selectedIndex].value;
           userDate = userDate + " " + year;
           var dateThen = new Date(userDate);
  <P>Find the day of your birth</P>
  <FORM name=form1>
  <INPUT TYPE=text name=txtDate size=2 maxlength=2>
  <SELECT name=selMonth>
     <OPTION selected value="Jan">Jan</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Feb">Feb</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Mar">Mar</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Apr">Apr</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="May">May</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Jun">Jun</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Jul">Jul</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Aug">Aug</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Sept">Sept</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Oct">Oct</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Nov">Nov</OPTION>
     <OPTION selected value="Dec">Dec</OPTION>
  <INPUT TYPE=text name=txtYear size=4 maxlength=4>
  <INPUT type="button" value="Day of the week" 
        onclick="dayOfWeek()" name=button1>

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