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? / basic-program-code-04-Ex4-18.c

  // Ex4_18.cpp : main project file.
  // Searching for punctuation
  include <stdafx.h>
  using namespace System;
  int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    array<wchar_t>^ punctuation = {L'"', L'\'', L'.', L',', L':', L';', L'!', L'?'};
    String^ sentence = L"\"It's chilly in here\", the boy's mother said coldly.";
    // Create array of space characters same length as sentence
    array<wchar_t>^ indicators = gcnew array<wchar_t>(sentence->Length){L' '};
    int index = 0;                       // Index of character found
    int count = 0;                       // Count of punctuation characters
    while((index = sentence->IndexOfAny(punctuation, index)) >= 0)
      indicators[index] = L'^';          // Set marker
      ++index;                           // Increment to next character
      ++count;                           // Increase the count
    Console::WriteLine(L"There are {0} punctuation characters in the string:",
    Console::WriteLine(L"\n{0}\n{1}", sentence, gcnew String(indicators));
    return 0;

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