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  // Ex7_15.cpp : main project file.
  // Using the Box reference class type
  include <stdafx.h>
  using namespace System;
  ref class Box  
      // No-arg constructor supplying default field values
      Box(): Length(1.0), Width(1.0), Height(1.0)
       Console::WriteLine(L"No-arg constructor called.");
      // Constructor definition using an initialisation list
      Box(double lv, double bv, double hv):
                               Length(lv), Width(bv), Height(hv)
       Console::WriteLine(L"Constructor called.");
     // Function to calculate the volume of a box
     double Volume()
       return Length*Width*Height;
      double Length;                     // Length of a box in inches
      double Width;                      // Width of a box in inches
      double Height;                     // Height of a box in inches
  int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    Box^ aBox;                           // Handle of type Box^
    Box^ newBox = gcnew Box(10, 15, 20);
    aBox = gcnew Box;                    // Initialize with default Box
    Console::WriteLine(L"Default box volume is {0}", aBox->Volume());
    Console::WriteLine(L"New box volume is {0}", newBox->Volume());
    return 0;

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