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? / basic-program-code-09-Ex9-22-Ex9-22.c

  // Ex9_22.cpp : main project file.
  // Using generic collection classes
  include <stdafx.h>
  using namespace System;
  using namespace System::Collections::Generic;    // For generic collections
  // Class encapsulating a name
  ref class Name
    Name(String^ name1, String^ name2) : First(name1),Second(name2){}
    virtual String^ ToString() override{ return First +L" "+Second;}
    String^ First;
    String^ Second;
  // Class encapsulating a phone number
  ref class PhoneNumber
    PhoneNumber(int area, int local, int number):
        Area(area),Local(local), Number(number){}
    virtual String^ ToString() override
    { return Area +L" "+Local+L" "+Number; }
    int Area;
    int Local;
    int Number;
  int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    // Using List<T>
    Console::WriteLine(L"Creating a List<T> of integers:");
    List<int>^ numbers = gcnew List<int>;
    for(int i = 0 ; i<1000 ; i++)
    // Sum the contents of the list
    int sum = 0;
    for(int i = 0 ; i<numbers->Count ; i++)
      sum += numbers[i];
    Console::WriteLine(L"Total = {0}", sum);
    // Using LinkedList<T>
    Console::WriteLine(L"\nCreating a LinkedList<T> of double values:");
    LinkedList<double>^ values = gcnew LinkedList<double>;
    for(int i = 0 ; i<1000 ; i++)
    double sumd = 0.0;
    for each(double v in values)
      sumd += v;
    Console::WriteLine(L"Total = {0}", sumd);
    LinkedListNode<double>^ node = values->Find(20.0);   // Find node containing 20.0
    values->AddBefore(node, 19.9);
    values->AddAfter(values->Find(30.0), 30.1);
    // Sum the contents of the linked list again
    sumd = 0.0;
    for each(double v in values)
      sumd += v;
    Console::WriteLine(L"Total after adding values = {0}", sumd);
    // Using Dictionary<K,V>
    Console::WriteLine(L"\nCreating a Dictionary<K,V> of name/number pairs:");
    Dictionary<Name^, PhoneNumber^>^ phonebook = gcnew Dictionary<Name^, PhoneNumber^>;
    // Add name/number pairs to dictionary
    Name^ name = gcnew Name("Jim", "Jones");
    PhoneNumber^ number = gcnew PhoneNumber(914, 316, 2233);
    phonebook->Add(name, number);          
    phonebook->Add(gcnew Name("Fred","Fong"), gcnew PhoneNumber(123,234,3456)); 
    phonebook->Add(gcnew Name("Janet","Smith"), gcnew PhoneNumber(515,224,6864)); 
    // List all numbers
    Console::WriteLine(L"List all the numbers:");
    for each(PhoneNumber^ number in phonebook->Values)
    // List names and numbers
    Console::WriteLine(L"Access the keys to list all name/number pairs:");
    for each(Name^ name in phonebook->Keys)
      Console::WriteLine(L"{0} : {1}", name, phonebook[name]);
      return 0;

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