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? / basic-program-code-11-Ex11-02-Ex11-02.c

  // ExX112_021.CppPP
  // An elementary MFC program
  include <afxwin.h>                        // For the class library
  // Application class definition
  class COurApp:public CWinApp
        virtual BOOL InitInstance();
  // Window class definition
  class COurWnd:public CFrameWnd
        // Constructor
           Create(0, L"Our Dumb MFC Application");
  // Function to create an instance of the main application window
  BOOL COurApp::InitInstance(void)
     // Construct a window object in the free store
     m_pMainWnd = new COurWnd;
     m_pMainWnd->ShowWindow(m_nCmdShow);     // ...and display it
     return TRUE;
  // Application object definition at global scope
  COurApp AnApplication;                     // Define an application object

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