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? / basic-program-solutions-20-Ch20-Soln-2-OrderDetailsSet.c

  // OrderDetailsSet.cpp : implementation of the COrderDetailsSet class
  include <stdafx.h>
  include <DBSimpleUpdate.h>
  include <OrderDetailsSet.h>
  ifdef _DEBUG
  define new DEBUG_NEW
  // COrderDetailsSet implementation
  // code generated on 8 October 2005, 20:05
  IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC(COrderDetailsSet, CRecordset)
  COrderDetailsSet::COrderDetailsSet(CDatabase* pdb)
          : CRecordset(pdb)
          m_OrderID = 0;
          m_ProductID = 0;
          m_UnitPrice = 0.0;
          m_Quantity = 0;
          m_Discount = 0.0;
          m_nFields = 5;
          m_nDefaultType = dynaset;
  //#error Security Issue: The connection string may contain a password
  // The connection string below may contain plain text passwords and/or
  // other sensitive information. Please remove the #error after reviewing
  // the connection string for any security related issues. You may want to
  // store the password in some other form or use a different user authentication.
  CString COrderDetailsSet::GetDefaultConnect()
          return _T("DSN=Northwind;DBQ=D:\\Beginning Visual C++ 2005\\Model Access DB\\Northwind.mdb;DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;UID=admin;");
  CString COrderDetailsSet::GetDefaultSQL()
          return _T("[Order Details]");
  void COrderDetailsSet::DoFieldExchange(CFieldExchange* pFX)
  // Macros such as RFX_Text() and RFX_Int() are dependent on the
  // type of the member variable, not the type of the field in the database.
  // ODBC will try to automatically convert the column value to the requested type
          RFX_Long(pFX, _T("[OrderID]"), m_OrderID);
          RFX_Long(pFX, _T("[ProductID]"), m_ProductID);
          RFX_Double(pFX, _T("[UnitPrice]"), m_UnitPrice);
          RFX_Int(pFX, _T("[Quantity]"), m_Quantity);
          RFX_Single(pFX, _T("[Discount]"), m_Discount);

// COrderDetailsSet diagnostics ifdef _DEBUG void COrderDetailsSet::AssertValid() const { CRecordset::AssertValid(); } void COrderDetailsSet::Dump(CDumpContext& dc) const { CRecordset::Dump(dc); } endif //_DEBUG

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