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basic-xml-04-dinosaurs3.xml / xml

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <!DOCTYPE dinosaurs PUBLIC "-//Beginning XML//DTD Dinosaurs Example//EN" "dinosaurs3.dtd">
  <dinosaurs version="1.0" source="Beginning XML 3E">
    <carnivore kind="Tyrannosaurus_Rex" habitat="forest swamp jungle">
      <species>Tyrannosaurus Rex</species>
      <length>42 feet</length>
      <height>18 feet</height>
      <weight>5-7 tons</weight>
      <speed>25 mph</speed>
        <description>Though the Tyrannosaurus had many different sizes of teeth, all were razor sharp and some grew to lengths of <b>9-13 inches</b>. Broken teeth were replaced frequently by newer teeth. The powerful jaw exerted in excess of 3000 pounds of pressure!</description>
      <description>The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the <b>king</b> of the terrible lizards. Though many now believe it was a hunter <i>and</i> a scavenger it is no less fearsome.</description>
    <herbivore kind="Stegosaurus_Armatus" habitat="forest swamp" period="Jurassic">
      <species>Stegosaurus Armatus</species>
      <length>25-40 feet</length>
      <height>14 feet</height>
      <weight>2-4 tons</weight>
        <description>The Stegosaurus had two long rows of armor along its back. At the end of its tail <b>four large spikes</b> were an excellent defense.</description>
        <country>United States</country>
      <description>The Stegosaurus Armatus was, perhaps, the most heavily armored of all dinosaurs. It is very possible though that it was not very smart, it's brain is believed to have been the <b>size of a walnut!</b></description>
    <omnivore kind="Gallimimus_Bullatus" habitat="lakeshore prairie">
      <species>Gallimimus Bullatus</species>
      <length>18 feet</length>
      <height>8 feet</height>
      <weight>1000 pounds</weight>
      <speed>35-60 mph</speed>
        <region>Nemegtskaya Svita</region>
      <description>The Gallimimus Bullatus, or <i>Chicken Mimic</i> was very fast, perhaps even the fastest of all dinosaurs.</description>

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