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basic-xml-04-dinosaurs4.xml / xml

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <!DOCTYPE dinosaurs PUBLIC "-//Beginning XML//DTD Dinosaurs Example//EN" "dinosaurs4.dtd">
  <dinosaurs version="1.0" source="Beginning XML 3E">
    <carnivore kind="Tyrannosaurus_Rex" habitat="forest swamp jungle">
      <species>Tyrannosaurus Rex</species>
      <length>42 feet</length>
      <height>18 feet</height>
      <weight>5-7 tons</weight>
      <speed>25 mph</speed>
        <description>Though the Tyrannosaurus had many different sizes of teeth, all were razor sharp and some grew to lengths of <b>9-13 inches</b>. Broken teeth were replaced frequently by newer teeth. The powerful jaw exerted in excess of 3000 pounds of pressure!</description>
    <herbivore kind="Stegosaurus_Armatus" habitat="forest swamp" period="Jurassic">
      <species>Stegosaurus Armatus</species>
      <length>25-40 feet</length>
      <height>14 feet</height>
      <weight>2-4 tons</weight>
        <description>The Stegosaurus had two long rows of armor along its back. At the end of its tail <b>four large spikes</b> were an excellent defense.</description>
        <country>United States</country>
    <omnivore kind="Gallimimus_Bullatus" habitat="lakeshore prairie">
      <species>Gallimimus Bullatus</species>
      <length>18 feet</length>
      <height>8 feet</height>
      <weight>1000 pounds</weight>
      <speed>35-60 mph</speed>
        <region>Nemegtskaya Svita</region>

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