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    <title>Beginning XML, 3rd Edition</title>
    <h3>Beginning XML, 3rd Edition</h3>
    <p>by David Hunter, Andrew Watt, Jeff Rafter, Kurt Cagle, and John Duckett.</p>
    <h3>Table of Contents</h3>
    <p><b>1:</b>What is XML?</p>
    <p><b>2:</b>Well-formed XML</p>
    <h3>1. What is XML?</h3>
    <p>XML is a markup language, derived from SGML.</p>
    <h3>2. Well-formed XML</h3>
    <p>To be well-formed an XML document must satisfy several rules about its structure.</p>
    <h3>3. Namespaces</h3>
    <p>To help unambiguously identify the names of elements and attributes the notion of an XML namespace is used.</p>
    <h3>4. DTD</h3>
    <p>A document type definition, DTD, is a way to specify the permitted structure of an XML document.</p>
    <h3>5. Schemas</h3>
    <p>W3C XML Schema and Relax NG are two schema languages to specify the structure of XML documents.</p>

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