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basic-xml-19-PersonData.htm / htm

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
   xmlns:xmml="" >
   <object id="FormsPlayer" classid="CLSID:4D0ABA11-C5F0-4478-991A-375C4B648F58">
    <b>FormsPlayer has failed to load! Please check your installation.</b>
    <br />
  <?import namespace="xforms" implementation="#FormsPlayer"?>
  <title>Personal Information collection using XForms</title>
  <xforms:model schema="Person.xsd" >
   <xforms:instance  >
    <Person xmlns="" >
   <xforms:submission id="PersonData" action="file://c:/BXML/Ch19/SavedPerson.xml" method="put" />
   <p>Enter your name and the date you are submitting the information.</p>
   <xforms:input ref="/xmml:Person/xmml:FirstName">
    <xforms:label>Enter your first name:</xforms:label>
   <br />
   <xforms:input ref="/xmml:Person/xmml:LastName" >
    <xforms:label>Enter your last name:</xforms:label>
   <br />
    <xforms:input ref="/xmml:Person/xmml:Street" >
    <xforms:label>Enter Street address here:</xforms:label>
   <br />
     <xforms:input ref="/xmml:Person/xmml:City" >
    <xforms:label>Enter the city here:</xforms:label>
   <br />
   <xforms:submit submission="PersonData" replace="all" >
    <xforms:label>Click Here to Submit</xforms:label>

(C) Æliens 20/2/2008

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