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  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="" xmlns:nas_comp="be.nascom.flex.component.*" currentState="hidden" >
                  <mx:State name="hidden">
                                  <mx:Button label="show trace box" click="currentState='visible'" />
                  <mx:State name="visible">
                                  <mx:VBox width="100%" visible="true">
                                          <nas_comp:FlexSimpleTraceBox  width="100%" height="400" />
                                                  <mx:Button label="clear" click="be.nascom.flex.component.FlexSimpleTraceBox.clear();"  />                                                
                                                  <mx:Button label="hide trace box" click="currentState='hidden'"  />                                                

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