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help -- wamp / html / css / js

instruction(s) -- web developer

  Unpack www package [rar/zip/exe] to the top dir [\] of a drive [ex: C:  E:\], forming \www\\...
  Edit C:\www\my.ini, to reflect the correct drive letter under the following fields...
  Under "[client]" and "[mysqld]" sections...
  socket = C:/www/tmp/mysql.sock
  Under "[mysqld]" section...
  basedir = C:/www/mysql5/
  datadir = C:/www/mysql5/data/
  Edit C:\www\php.ini, to reflect the correct drive letter under the following fields...
  include_path = ".;C:/www/webroot/;C:/www/php5/includes/"
  doc_root = C:/www/webroot/
  extension_dir = C:/www/php5/ext/
  session.save_path = C:/www/tmp/
  Copy my.ini and php.ini to your \%SystemRoot% (Win2000 -> C:\WINNT, WinXP -> C:\WINDOWS) directory.
  Delete file libmysql.dll, if present, from your \%SystemRoot% (Win2000 -> C:\WINNT, WinXP -> C:\WINDOWS) directory. [note that this is not needed for the majority but will help the few that have had PHP dll load problems]
  Go to 'Start'  'Settings'  'Control Panel'; Select 'System' - 'Advanced' - 'Environment Variables...'; Under 'System variables' select 'Path'...
  Add to Path..
  [note that the individual locations are separated with a ";" and that you will need to place a ";" at the end of the original PATH, to separate it from the first appended location.
  Reboot your system. This is necessary for Apache to be able to load mod_perl and for PHP to contain the updated PATH. The PATH variable will not be fully (system-wide) updated until a system reboot.
  Start the Apache and MySQL Servers
  [all commands are run from the command-line; Start  Run...  cmd.exe ]
  [to change to a specified directory, type 'cd c:\www\...' ]
  Install Apache2 as a Service
  [only do one of the following -- either non-ssl or ssl-enabled; NOT BOTH]
  non-ssl Suite
  C:\www\Apache22\bin> httpd -k install
  ssl-enabled Suite
  C:\www\Apache22\bin> httpd -D SSL -k install
  Start Apache2 [one of two ways]
  C:\www\Apache22\bin> httpd -k start
  > NET START Apache2.2
  Install MySQL as a Service
  C:\www\mysql5\bin> mysqld-nt --install
  Start MySQL

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