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// File: Hall.h
// Desc: DirectShow sample code - MultiVMR9 GamePlayer
// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

#pragma once

static const DWORD  g_FVFHall = D3DFVF_XYZ | D3DFVF_DIFFUSE | D3DFVF_TEX1;

/////////////////////////// CHall

<blockquote> *******************************************************************************\ class CHall representation of the "hall" environment, a wall and a floor \********************************************************************************</blockquote>

<h4 align=right text=red> CHall</h4><hr>
  class CHall
    virtual ~CHall();

    HRESULT Initialize( IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice);
    HRESULT RestoreDeviceObjects( IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice);
    HRESULT Render( IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice);
    HRESULT Compose( DWORD t );
    HRESULT SetSpeed( float fSpeed );

// subclasses
    struct Vertex
        D3DVECTOR Pos;
        D3DCOLOR  color;
        float     tu;
        float     tv;
    } Vertex;

    // some textured 3D plane ( a wall or a floor)

      class CPlane
          CPlane( IDirect3DDevice9* pDevice, 
                  TCHAR *achName, 
                  LPCTSTR lpResourceName,
                  float fTilesU, 
                  float fTilesV, 
                  D3DXMATRIX& M, 
                  float a,
                  HRESULT *phr);
          HRESULT Render( IDirect3DDevice9 *pDevice );
          HRESULT SetSpeed( float S);
          HRESULT Compose( DWORD t );
          // data
          IDirect3DTexture9*      m_pTexture;
          struct Vertex           m_V[4];
          D3DXMATRIXA16           m_M;
          TCHAR                   m_achTextureName[MAX_PATH];
          float                   m_fU;
          float                   m_fV;
          float                   m_du;
          float                   m_fSpeed;

// class CPlane
  // data
      float           m_fSpeed;
      CPlane*         m_pFloor;
      CPlane*         m_pWall;
      D3DLIGHT9       m_light;


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