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include: hush-src-multi-GamePlayer-VMR9Subgraph.h /home/ae/media

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// File: VMR9Subgraph.h
// Desc: DirectShow sample code - MultiVMR9 GamePlayer sample
// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


#pragma once

// CVMR9Subgraph

// This class represents a subgraph with VMR9 to be attached to the wizard
// This sample supports only media files, but any DirectShow filter graph
// with VMR9 can be used.

<h4 align=right text=red> CVMR9Subgraph</h4><hr>
  class CVMR9Subgraph

    // public methods
    HRESULT BuildAndRender( WCHAR* wcPath, CComPtr pWizard );
        HRESULT CaptureAndRender(CComPtr pWizard, int num = 0, WCHAR *wcPath = 0 );

    HRESULT Run();
    HRESULT Pause();
    HRESULT Stop();
    HRESULT SetTime( LONGLONG llCur);
    HRESULT DestroyGraph();
    HRESULT DisconnectPins( CComPtr pFilter);
    HRESULT CheckVMRConnection();

    DWORD_PTR GetID(){ return m_dwID;};

    OAFilterState GetState();
    HRESULT GetTimes( LONGLONG& llCur, LONGLONG& llDur);
    void GetPathT( TCHAR* achPath );
    void GetPathW( WCHAR* wcPath );
        int capture;
        int _id;

    // private members

    // private data
    CComPtr   m_pGraph;   // filter graph
    CComPtr    m_pVMR;     // VMR9
    CComPtr  m_pMc;      // media control
    CComPtr  m_pMs;      // media seeking

    WCHAR m_wcPath[MAX_PATH];   // path to the media file, wide char
    TCHAR m_achPath[MAX_PATH];  // path to the media file, TCHAR

    DWORD_PTR m_dwID;   // actual cookie identifying the subgraph; assigned in
                        // IMultiVMR9Wizard::Attach


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