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SIOC enables new kinds of usage scenarios for online community site data, and allows innovative semantic applications to be built on top of the existing Social Web.


  1. for incorporating blog and reviews
  2. nice ontology of usergroep -member-> user -function-> role

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      Creating connections between discussion clouds with SIOC
      SIOC provides a unified vocabulary for content and interaction description: a semantic layer that can co-exist with existing discussion platforms.

types module

      * Container: AddressBook, AnnotationSet, AudioChannel, BookmarkFolder, Briefcase, EventCalendar, ImageGallery, ProjectDirectory, ResumeBank, ReviewArea, SubscriptionList, SurveyCollection, VideoChannel, Wiki.
      * Item: Poll.
      * Forum: ArgumentativeDiscussion, ChatChannel, MailingList, MessageBoard, Weblog.
      * Post: BlogPost, BoardPost, Comment, InstantMessage, MailMessage, WikiArticle.

class sioc:item

Item - A content Item that can be posted to or created within a Container.

  sub-class-of: 	foaf:Document
  in-range-of:	sioc:container_of sioc:has_reply sioc:modifier_of sioc:next_by_date sioc:next_version sioc:previous_by_date sioc:previous_version sioc:reply_of sioc:sibling
  in-domain-of:	sioc:about sioc:attachment sioc:content sioc:has_container sioc:has_modifier sioc:has_reply sioc:ip_address sioc:next_by_date sioc:next_version sioc:note sioc:previous_by_date sioc:previous_version sioc:reply_of sioc:sibling

sioc:Post -- subclass of sioc:Item

sioc:Role -- function of a User

Role - A Role is a function of a User within a scope of a particular Forum, Site, etc.

  in-range-of:	sioc:has_function sioc:scope_of
  in-domain-of:	sioc:function_of sioc:has_scope
Roles are used to express functions or access control privileges that Users may have.

class sioc:Space

Class: sioc:Space Space - A Space is a place where data resides, e.g., on a website, desktop, fileshare, etc.

  in-range-of:	sioc:has_space sioc:usergroup_of
  in-domain-of:	sioc:has_usergroup sioc:space_of
A Space is defined as being a place where data resides. It can be the location for a set of Containers of content Items, e.g., on a Site, personal desktop, shared filespace, etc. Any data object that resides on a particular Space can be linked to it using the sioc:has_space property.

class sioc:User

User - A User account in an online community site.

  sub-class-of: 	foaf:OnlineAccount
  in-range-of:	sioc:function_of sioc:has_administrator sioc:has_creator sioc:has_member sioc:has_moderator sioc:has_modifier sioc:has_owner sioc:has_subscriber
  in-domain-of:	sioc:account_of sioc:administrator_of sioc:avatar sioc:creator_of sioc:email sioc:email_sha1 sioc:has_function sioc:member_of sioc:moderator_of sioc:modifier_of sioc:owner_of sioc:subscriber_of
A User is an online account of a member of an online community. It is connected to Items and Posts that a User creates or edits, to Containers and Forums that it is subscribed to or moderates and to Sites that it administers. Users can be grouped for purposes of allowing access to certain Forums or enhanced community site features (weblogs, webmail, etc.).

A foaf:Person will normally hold a registered User account on a Site (through the property foaf:holdsAccount), and will use this account to create content and interact with the community. The foaf:Person can hold multiple sioc:User accounts.

sioc:User describes properties of an online account, and is used in combination with a foaf:Person (using the property sioc:account-of) which describes information about the individual itself.

class: sioc:Usergroup

Usergroup - A set of User accounts whose owners have a common purpose or interest. Can be used for access control purposes.

  in-range-of:	sioc:has_usergroup sioc:member_of
  in-domain-of:	sioc:has_member sioc:usergroup_of
A Usergroup is a set of members or Users of a community who have a common Role, purpose or interest. While a group of Users may be a single community that is linked to a certain Forum, they may also be a set of Users who perform a certain Role, for example, moderators or administrators.

external classes and properties

Classes and properties from other ontologies can be used together with SIOC. During the SIOC ontology design process, some external classes and properties were identified that are suitable for reuse. Such concepts are not included inside SIOC but are used directly together with terms from SIOC to describe the information in online community sites.

This section lists the most important external classes and properties that can be used with SIOC in a meaningful way. This list is not and cannot be exhaustive because many RDF ontologies can be used together.

Class: foaf:Person

Used in SIOC to represent the information about a person who holds an account (sioc:User) on a Site. Account specific information is described by sioc:User, a subclass of foaf:OnlineAccount.

foaf:Person can also be used to describe information about persons that do not have a User account on a Site, e.g., for authors of comments left by visitors.

Class: skos:Concept

May be used to represent topics or tags defined on a community site. The sioc:topic property can be used to link an Item or Post to a skos:Concept. Property: dcterms:subject

Can be used for keywords describing the subject of an Item or Post. See also: sioc:topic. Property: dcterms:title

Specifies the title of a resource. Usually used to describe the title of an Item or Post.

Property: dcterms:created

Details the date and time when a resource was created. Usually used as a property of an Item or Post.

Property: dcterms:hasPart

A resource that is a part of this subject. Usually used from the domain of a Post or Community.

Property: dcterms:isPartOf

A resource that the subject is a part of. Usually used with the range of a Post or Community.

Property: dcterms:modified

Details the date and time when a resource was modified. Usually used as a property of an Item or Post.

Property: foaf:holdsAccount

Used to link a foaf:Person to a sioc:User. See also: sioc:account_of.

Property: content:encoded

Used to describe the encoded content of a Post, contained in CDATA areas. These are the ontology namespaces referenced:


Prefix XML Namespace Specification

  aowl 	AtomOwl Vocabulary Specification
  content 	RSS 1.0 Content Module
  dcterms 	Dublin Core Metadata Terms
  foaf 	Friend of a Friend (FOAF) Vocabulary
  sioc 	SIOC Core Ontology
  skos 	SKOS Core Vocabulary
  xsd 	XML Schema (Datatypes)