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multimedia casus 2007

Design Patterns for Web 2.0

The assignment for multimedia casus 2007 is the creation of

climate media portal

a rich media portal for climate-related material, encompaasing both scientific material as well as news and arbitrary media items, including youtube video. The climate media portal must not only provide information for browsing, but must simultaneously serve as a web service from which the Clima Futura game platform may obtain information and assets.

The realization of the climate media portal will be done using flex 2 technology, as well as standard (W)AMP server technology. One of the challenge in the realization of the media portal is the use of a semantically well-founded approach, as for example provided by ontology engineering.

Students are expected to take an active role in the project and are moreover encouraged to bring in their expertise and personal interests.

Supervision will be done primarily by weekle meetings to discuss progress, problems and issues to focus on for meeting the targets set.


  • Marek van de Watering (Clima Futura)
  • Wouter den Boer (assistant)
  • dr J.F. Hoorn (CAMeRA)
  • dr A. Eliëns




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