topical media & game development

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what led me to multimedia, and where does multimedia lead me?

report 2006


Pract. Software Engineering  [HUSH], hush
OOP  [OO], DejaVU Online
 [Simulate],  [Jamming],  [Perspectives], ...
Caput Hypermedia  [Animate],  [Style],  [Markup], ...
Formal Methods  [DLP], DLP
student projects  [Music],  [Chatting],  [Derivatives]


Inleiding Multimedia RIF,  [Navigation], multimedia, mission statement
Multimedia Authoring  [Gadgets],  [Context], DAM
and demos and more demo(s), @vr
Intelligent Multimedia Technology WASP, intelligent multimedia @VU,
 [Platform],  [Community],  [STEP],  [Conductor]
and more titles and demos
Multimedia Casus collaboration with ICN, J.F. Hoorn, H. van Vught:  [AWC], research digital dossier(s),
proposal: I-GUARD
Visual Design ... exploring multimedia tools and technologies ... --
student projects  [Interactive]


Masterclass Game Development research: game technology, topical media

focus on multimedia / multimedia zaal

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