topical media & game development

talk show tell print

the paper

the question is how to reconcile

form and content


areas of interest

form vs content

multimedia authoring digital convergence standards retrieval
review/background -+++++
case study ++++
technical analysis -++++++
formal study --++-
tutorial ---?-

slide: the matrix


  1. digital convergence and the future of mobile multimedia
  2. the art of editing
  3. multimedia standards -- MPEG4
  4. multimedia technology -- DirectX toolbox or ...
  5. multimedia information retrieval --searching for images, video and sound
  6. presentation technology -- desktop VR
  7. media @ home -- Windows Media Center


                title [ -- subtitle ]
  	      name, number, group, email
  	      1. introduction
  	      2,3,4 -- ... sections ...
  	      5 conclusions


  • 1/3 quote, 1/3 paraphrase, 1/3 interpretation
  • use meaningful titles and subtitles
  • think about the structure
  • don't let the words control you!
  • you are the first to understand what you write
  • ask a friend to read your draft


  1. select a subject
  2. think of a (working) title
  3. collect material -- syllabus, online resources
  4. write an abstract!
  5. decide on the structure
  6. write and revise
  7. check: structure, meaning and grammar
  8. submit

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