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reference: Federico Campanale


Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme


This letter is meant as a recommendation for Federico Campanale, with whom I had the pleasure to work together in one of my courses, of which you will find details below.
Let me first introduce myself. For many years I have been coordinating the multimedia curriculum at VU University, as well as doing research and teaching in the area of software engineering, multimedia and game development, about which I published many papers and two books. Recently, I obtained a professorship New Media at Twente University in the Netherlands, to set up a curriculum Creative Technology.
In 2005 I invited Federico Campanale as a guest speaker for my course Visual Design at the VU University Amsterdam. Since he showed to have an excellent rapport with the students, I asked him to take over the first part of the course, in a period when I had to travel abroad. Students were very pleased with the individual contact and the comments that Federico Campanale gave on the work for the first assignments. This was a reason for me to invite him as a regular guest lecturer from 2006, where we presented the course together, with Federico Campanale in a clearly identifiable role as both artist and co-educator.
From my own artistic background and my current interests in interactive video, Federico's work is of particular interest because he finds very appealing ways to translate societal patterns in aesthetic structure(s), using a personal way of combining storytelling with what I would like to call canonical imagery, expressing universal characteristics of human existence using anecdotical scenes of daily life.

It is my intention to involve Federico Campanale also in my future courses in Visual Design as well as to be developed courses for Creative Technology. Concluding, based on my experiences during our collaboration, I can recommend Federico Campanale warmheartingly as a guest at your Institute. Hopefully this information will be helpful to you.

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