Web Technology: background information

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Web Essentials

Internet:read in particular: 1 Terminology, 2 History, 3.1 Internet protocols, 3.2 Internet structure, 3.3 ICANN, 3.4 Language, and 10 The name Internet.
Internet protols
Donain Name Service/System
DNS: read 1 Uses, 2 History, 3.1 The domain name space, 3.2 Parts of a domain name, 3.3 DNS servers, 3.4 DNS resolvers, and 3.5 Address resolution mechanism.
World-Wide Web
WWW: read in particular 1 How the web works, 2 History, 3 Standards, and 6 Statistics.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP: read 1 Request Message, 2 Request Methods (only first three methods: get, post, header), 4 Status Codes, 5 Persistent Connections, 6 HTTP session state, and 8 Sample.
Universal Resource Locator/Identifier
URI/URL: read 1 Relationship to URL and URN, 2 Syntax, 3 History, and 4 URI reference.
MIME types
MIME: read 1 Introduction and 2.2 Content-Type.
Character sets/encodings
Web sersers


HTML: pay special attention to 3 Semantic HTML.

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