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mashup-rmx-20-playlist-7860001.xml / xml

  <?xml version="1.0" ?>
          <album id="7860001">
                  <song id="1" lbl="Welcome Home" src="7860001-01.mp3" />
                  <song id="2" lbl="Ooh! (You Do)" src="7860001-02.mp3" />
                  <song id="3" lbl="Give Me Tonight" src="7860001-03.mp3" />
                  <song id="4" lbl="All I Want" src="7860001-04.mp3" />
                  <song id="5" lbl="I Believe" src="7860001-05.mp3" />
                  <song id="6" lbl="Love" src="7860001-06.mp3" />
                  <song id="7" lbl="Hangin' Around" src="7860001-07.mp3" />
                  <song id="8" lbl="Your Friend" src="7860001-08.mp3" />

(C) Æliens 18/6/2009

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