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Instructor's Guide: Business Process Redesign


This chapter discusses the application of object technology to business applications and business process redesign. It contains an overview of The San Francisco Framework and a rather detailed discussion of a logistics-based approach to business process redesign, including business process simulation and (object-oriented) discrete event simulation.


Personally, I like to present a close reading of the San Francisco technical overview, pointing out (as yet unfulfilled) promises, handwaving, as well as the actual potential and the need for a framework such as San Francisco.

With respect to business process redesign you may need to explain the need for a quantitative approach. Or, if you disagree, the inherent limitations of such an approach, and the validation problems involved.

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The rapid growth of technology has caused a change in the need for information technology professionals. There is an increasing need for expertise in modeling the information requirements of business companies and corporations and less for system development. In interesting area is the impact of information technology on the actual business processes. Further note that, in principle, the effort of realizing an adequate model is significantly reduced when adopting an appropriate development framework.
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