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Instructor's Guide: Application Development


This chapter gives an exampe of the actual development of an application. You may replace this example with an example of your choice. At the end of this chapter, ab example is gives of how an implementation be be developed based on a formal specification.


The students are not likely to master the formal Z notation used in the example. The notion, however, plays no crucial role. The example is merely intended to illustrate how the functionality of a system can be specified in an abstract way.

Project assignments

As subjects for writing a paper you may think of

As practical work, a possible assignment may be to

for one of the programs suggested in appendix I.


This chapter wraps up many of the issues left open in the previous three chapters. It is a good moment to express your own opinions about object-oriented application development. Also, you may point to the difficulties involved in using a framework for developing applications, and the difficulties involved in developing a framework, that embodies the abstractions found in a specific category of applications.
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