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Instructor's Guide: Component Technology


This chapter is about component technology. It presents an overview of existing technology, and discusses the need for interoperability. It also provides examples of the application of component technology, respectively, a simple workgroup example combining Java and CORBA, and an attempt to integrate an existing library with CORBA.


You may wish to present appendices IDL and CORBA before treating the more abstract issues raised in this chapter.

Project assignments

As subjects for a paper, you may think of

As practical assignments you may think of


For papers I strongly recommend a case study, to gain familiarity with the opportunities offered by component technology. However, it is a good idea to let students obtain some hands-on experience with (distributed) component technology. In my experience, the hardest part of getting along with CORBA is to master the hello world level. After that, things turn out to be surprisingly easy.
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