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Instructor's Guide: Software Architecture


This chapter introduces the notion of software architecture, which is becoming a prominent topic in the Software Engineering literature. It presents a case study, clearly reflecting the author's interests, which nevertheless illustrates some of the complexities that may arise in developing a heterogeneous system. The remainder of this chapter is rather technical, intended to illustrate the issues that arise in glueing different object models together.


When discussing the material, try not to get stuck in the technical details. The overall picture must remain clear. That is to say, the solutions presented in this chapter are meant to illustrate the issues in bridging, respectively, the paradigm gap and the language gap. This may be done in radically different ways, nevertheless the basic solutions will not be so much different from those presented in this chapter.

Project assignments

As subjects for papers you may recommend your students to study the

As a practical assignment, I suggest to let students experiment with


One of the hardest parts in understanding the interfacing between different languages is to understand the actual flow of control as it is passed around the various components. Since students seem to be quite fond of practical examples. think of some samll examples to illustrate the issues involved.
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