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Anti Patterns

AntiPatterns - from the cover


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AntiPatterns - the hype

Anti-Patterns - from the cover

  • shows managers, architects, and developers to learn from the painful mistakes of others (!?)
  • AntiPatterns continue the trend started in Design Patterns
  • AntiPatterns name common problem situations resulting from poor management and architectural control
  • may even provide some clues how to get yourself out of the situations

See Risk Avoidance Patterns

slide: AntiPatterns

AntiPatterns - the facts

The Statistics

  • nearly 1/3 of software projects are cancelled
  • 2/3 of all software projects have 200% or more cost ...
  • over 80% of all software projects are deemed failures

The Authors

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AntiPatterns - the issues

Root Causes for the Software Crisis

  • Haste, Apathy, Narrow-mindedness, Sloth, Avarice, Ignorance, Pride

From the Foreword

  • ... sometimes the disadvantages of patterns outweigh the advantages

AntiPatterns tell you what to avoid

  • the do not cover design, but human behavior

slide: AntiPatterns - the issues

AntiPatterns -- Q/A

AntiPatterns -- offer ...

an answer?

  • What are the two most common software design mistakes?

    Blob, Poltergeist

  • What can we do to fix (or refactor) bad software?

    Spaghetti, StovePipe

  • Our design project is going around in circles, how can we get it back on track?

    Analysis paralysis, Design by Committee

  • How do I know when I am being misled by a software vendor?

    Vendor Lock-in, Smoke and Mirrors

  • Is the latest standard .. technology breakthrough going to solve my problems?

    Wolf Ticket, Continuous Obsolescence

  • Is our project headed for disaster?

    Death by Planning, Mushroom management

  • What are the 'gotchas' of software reuse?

    Cut-and-Paste programming, Golden Hammer

slide: AntiPatterns -- offer ...

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