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object-oriented programming


Methods do not provide the intuiton and the direct access to solutions that work in real life. Design Patterns are the jewels, the cristals of Object Oriented Design ...

slide: Phrases ..


Take for example a document processing system ...

  • material - words, images, tables
  • formatting, layout
  • online presentation and editing tool

slide: Document processing

Managing composites

Problem: very many items

Solution: flyweight class

slide: Composite ...

slide: Composite

Managing layout and formatting

Problem: many algorithms

Solution: composer (strategy) class

slide: Strategy ...

slide: Strategy

Display item with attributes

Problem: non-uniform attributes

Solution: embed and hide attributes

slide: Decorate ...

slide: Decorator

Develop multi-platform tools (1)

Problem: different window toolkits

Solution: employ platform-specific factories

slide: Factory ...

slide: Factory

Develop multi-platform tools (2)

Problem: offer uniform widget hierarchy

Solution: separate interface from implementation

slide: Bridge ...

slide: Bridge

Provide rich functionality

Problem: support commands with undo

Solution: abstract from specific commands

slide: Command ...

slide: Command



one-to-many dependencies and notification


  • abstract coupling between subject and observer
  • support for broadcast
  • deals with unexpected updates

slide: Observer Pattern


  • mapping subjects to observers
  • observing more than one subject?
  • who triggers the update - subject or client of subject
  • dangling references to subject
  • consistency of subject (before notification)
  • adding observer-specific update protocols (push / pull)
  • specifying modifications of interest (aspects)
  • how to encapsulate update semantics

slide: Observer Pattern

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