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The San Francisco Framework

How useful is an OO framework?

A framework is ...

The San Francisco Framework

San Francisco - motivation

Barriers to modernizing

The software developers realized they needed some basic infrastructure. Many companies could not develop this infrastructure themselves.

San Francisco - the press

San Francisco Framework - layers

Core Business Processes

The objective for this layer is to create a sound architecture and highly extensible OO implementation for the basic structure and behavior which any application provider delivering a solution in the application doamin would require:

Common Business Objects


  • Business Partner
  • Address
  • Number - decimal structure
  • Currency - how many euros in a dollar?

Foundation Layer

  • Foundation Object Model Classes
  • Utilities

in other words: it provides the infrastructure comment: reinventing the wheel is not a big problem, because the wheel is a terrific invention

Foundation Object Model Classes

  • Command
  • Entity
  • Dependent
  • Collection/Iterator
  • Factory

you need to study Design Patterns to appreciate these ...

Using the San Francisco Framework

The San Francisco Frameworks are designed to make many types of extensions easy for application developers:

  • overriding the default business logic in supplied methods
  • adding additional attributes to existing classes
  • adding additional methods to existing classes

from the report: Complete documentation will be provided


Two classes: Receipt and Purchase order Line

  • default attributes, methods
  • default business logic: inspect Quality on receipt

Extension: enhance this logic

  • subclass Receipt
  • override inspection method
  • change logic to include checks against supplier tables, and hazardous or high value products

San Francisco - issues

  • Standards: OMG/CORBA Business Issues
  • Technology Integration:
  • Compound Documents: Lotus Notes, JavaBeans, Active X
  • Business process Modeling and Control: workflow engines may be used as glue
  • Internet/Intranet and Java: applications may be designed
  • Conclusions: a bit premature ...

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