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object-oriented programming


  1. What are the basic characteristics of object-oriented languages?
  2. How would you classify object-oriented languages? Name a few representatives of each category.
  3. What do you consider to be the major characteristic of the object model supported by C++? Explain.
  4. Why would you need friends?
  5. How would you characterize the difference between object-based and object-oriented?
  6. Along what orthogonal dimensions would you design an object-oriented language? Explain.
  7. Give a characterisation of active objects. In what situations may active objects be advantageous?
  8. How would you characterize prototype-based languages?
  9. What are the differences between inheritance and delegation? Does C++ support delegation? Explain. And Java?
  10. How would you characterize the concept of a class?
  11. Can you sketch the meta architecture of Smalltalk?
  12. How would you phrase the postulates underlying class-based languages? Can you give a reflective version of these postulates?

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