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design patterns

design pattern(s) -- catalogue

see the GOF Design Patterns and the Patterns Homepage

the pattern schema


name - handle

problem - when to apply

solution - general arrangement

consequences - tradeoffs

causes for redesign

design for change

  1. creating an object by specifying a class explicitly -- Abstract Factory, Factory Method, Prototype
  2. dependence on specific operations Chain of Responsibilty, Command
  3. dependence on hardware & software platforms -- Abstract Factory, bridge
  4. dependence on object implementation or representation Abstract Factory, Bridge, Memento, Proxy
  5. algorithm dependence -- Builder, Iterator, Strategy, Template Method, Visitor
  6. extending functionality by subclassing -- Bridge, Chain, Composite, Decorator, Observer
  7. tight coupling -- Abstract Factpry, Bridge, Chain of Responsibilities, Command, Facade, Mediator, Observer
  8. inability to alter classes conveniently -- Adaptor, Decorator, Visitor

kinds of patterns

see also

see UML

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