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Distributed Object Patterns

Distributed Object Patterns

See CORBA Design Patterns

Corba Design Patterns

Object-Oriented Architectures

CORBA IDL as a baseis for interface definitions

Template Design Pattern

Is there competition for patterns?



Object Management Architecture

Key reasons for CORBA in the future

Architectures and Boundaries

software problems are due to poor definitions and transfer of software boundaries

architecture = set of rules, guidelines, interface conventions

The architect defines a robust set of abstractions that manage complexity, change and other forces

In a distributed system, the lack of a single address space and the need for independent reusable services are addressed by having a service-based architecture

Stable/Reusable Interfaces Changeable Specifications
Data/Interface Partitioning IDL Interfaces Data & Meta Data
Interface Specialization Horizontal Interfaces Vertical Interfaces

... mandating a single type system for all applications is unrealistic ...

risk is the universal force

Design Pattern Language -- Primal Forces

Application Design Patterns

System Design patterns -- horizontal, vertical, meta-data

Enterprise Design Patterns -- organisational infra structure

Global Design Patterns -- open systems/Int(e)r(a)net

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