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  package {
          import org.cove.ape.*;
          public class @ax-physic-flex-ape-sample-car-Rotator extends Group {
                  private        var ctr:AVector;
                  private var rectComposite:physic_flex_ape_sample_car_RectComposite;
This is a Group containing a Composite object for the rectangle shape and additional contraints and particles for the swinging arms Because we want the swinging arm to collide with the turning rectangle collideInternal is set to true for the Group. Since Composites are never checked internally, this is still efficient. Only the swinging arm is checked for collision against the turning rectangle sides, which are made out of colidable SpringConstraint objects.

                  public function @ax-physic-flex-ape-sample-car-Rotator(colA:uint, colB:uint) {
                          collideInternal = true;
                          ctr = new AVector(555,175);
                          rectComposite = new physic_flex_ape_sample_car_RectComposite(ctr, colA, colB);
                          var circA:CircleParticle = new CircleParticle(ctr.x,ctr.y,5);
                          circA.setStyle(1, colA, 1, colB);
                          var rectA:RectangleParticle = new RectangleParticle(555,160,10,10,0,false,3);
                          rectA.setStyle(1, colA, 1, colB);
                          var connectorA:SpringConstraint = new SpringConstraint(, rectA, 1);
                          connectorA.setStyle(2, colB);
                          var rectB:RectangleParticle = new RectangleParticle(555,190,10,10,0,false,3);
                          rectB.setStyle(1, colA, 1, colB);
                          var connectorB:SpringConstraint = new SpringConstraint(rectComposite.pc, rectB, 1);
                          connectorB.setStyle(2, colB);
                  public function rotateByRadian(a:Number):void {
                          rectComposite.rotateByRadian(a, ctr);

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