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daft punk -- technologic (.. / cn)

  Buy it, use it, break it, fix it.
  Refuse it, change it, the melting -- escalation.
  To change it, it is 1:00 and protecting it.  it is the news.
  Breaking it, it's work, fast -- erase.
  write it, it, and paste it to save it.
  load it, check it, fast -- rewritten.
  plug it, play it, burn it, rip it.
  Dragging, Zip -- it opened.
  , it curled fill it, find it.
  It seems that the name of Jam -- unlock.
  surfing, Scroll, which constitutes, click it.
  it crossed the cracks, convulsion -- Update.
  its name, fine-tuning the speed, print.
  scanning, sending, fax -- renamed.
  Touch it and take it.  pay no attention to it, do it.
  Conversely, leaving it to stop -- formatting.