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daft punk -- technologic (jp / ..)

  Do to buy that, do to use, do to break, lock.
  Do to deal with that, melting change -- Improve that.
  That do to change, do to point, that do to zoom, push that.
  Do to stop that, use do fast -- Turn off that.
  If that of that do to write, you exclude that, paste.
  Do to stack the load, inspect fast to that -- The book correct that.
  That inserting do, do to do, do to burn, tear.
  [jitsupadoratsugu] and drop do that -- Open that fastener.
  That do to see, do to fill up, the cirque do to do, find.
  That do to see, being crowded paint -- Open that key.
  The surf do to do that, the scroll do to do, do to raise, the dust sound.
  Do to make cross that, single contraction divide -- Renew that.
  Do to list that, do to appraise, do to adjust, print.
  Do to scan that, facsimile send -- Change that name.
  Do to touch that, it has, do. Do to pay that, see.
  That do to turn, stop leave -- The prescribed form draw up that.