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professional-ajax-03-Communication-Control-Patterns-Periodic-Refresh-SaveComment.php / php

  <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
      <title>Save Comment</title>
      //get information
      sName = _POST["txtName"];
      sMessage = _POST["txtMessage"];
      sStatus = "";
      //database information
      sDBServer = "your.database.server";
      sDBName = "your_db_name";
      sDBUsername = "your_db_username";
      sDBPassword = "your_db_password";
      //create the SQL query string
      sSQL = "Insert into BlogComments(BlogEntryId,Name,Message,Date) ".
                " values (0,'sName','sMessage',NOW())";
      oLink = mysql_connect(sDBServer,sDBUsername,sDBPassword);
      @mysql_select_db(sDBName) or sStatus = "Unable to open database";
      if(oResult = mysql_query(sSQL)) {
          sStatus = "Added comment; comment ID is ".mysql_insert_id();
       } else {
          sStatus = "An error occurred while inserting; comment not saved.";
      <?php echo sStatus ?>

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