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professional-ajax-07-Autosuggest-Example-suggestions.php / php

      //plain text header
      header("Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8");
      //database information
      sDBServer = "your.database.server";
      sDBName = "your_database_name";
      sDBUsername = "your_database_username";
      sDBPassword = "your_database_password";
      //include JSON-PHP and instantiate the object
      oJSON = new JSON();
      //get the data that was posted
      oData = oJSON->decode(HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA);
      aSuggestions = array();
      //make sure there's text
      if (strlen(oData->text) > 0) {
          //create the SQL query string
          sQuery = "Select Name from ".oData->requesting." where Name like '".
                    oData->text."%' order by Name ASC limit 0,".oData->limit;
          //make the database connection
          oLink = mysql_connect(sDBServer,sDBUsername,sDBPassword);
          @mysql_select_db(sDBName) or die("Unable to open database");
          if(oResult = mysql_query(sQuery)) {
              while (aValues = mysql_fetch_array(oResult,MYSQL_ASSOC)) {            
                  array_push(aSuggestions, aValues['Name']);

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